1. AAI: Airports Authority of India
2. AAICLAS: AAI Cargo Logistics and Allied Services Company
3. ACC: Air Cargo Complex
4. AC/DC: Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner
5. AEO: Authorised Economic Operator
6. AFS: Air Freight Station
7. AQ: Animal Quarantine
8. ART: Average Release Time
9. BE: Bill of Entry
10. CBIC: Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs
11. CFS: Container Freight Stations
12. CHA: Customs Housing Agent
13. COO: Certificate of Origin
14. CTO: Cargo Terminal Operator
15. DFC: Dedicated Freight Corridor
16. DGFT: Directorate General of Foreign Trade
17. DPD: Direct Port Delivery
18. DPE: Direct Port Entry
19. E SANCHIT: e-Storage and Computerized Handling of Indirect Tax Documents
20. EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
21. EGM: Export General Manifest
22. EPCG: Export Promotion Capital Goods
23. EXIM: Export Import
24. FAG: Faceless Assessment Group
25. FSSAI: Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
26. FTA: Free Trade Agreement
27. HCCAR: Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations
28. HS: Harmonised System
29. ICD: Inland Container Depot
30. ICEGATE: Indian Customs EDI Gateway
31. ICES: Indian Customs EDI System

32. ICP: Integrated Check Posts
33. IEC: Importer Exporter Code
34. IGM: Import General Manifest
35. LCS: Land Customs Station
36. LMPC: Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity
37. MSME: Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
38. NACCS: National Air Cargo Community System
39. NCTF: National Committee on Trade Facilitation
40. NTFAP: National Trade Facilitation Action Plan
41. NTRS: National Time Release Study
42. OOC: Out of Charge
43. PAG: Port Assessment Group
44. PCA: Post Clearance Audit
45. PCS: Port Community System
46. PGA: Participating Government Agency
47. PQ: Plant Quarantine
48. RMS: Risk Management System
49. RMSFC: RMS Facilitation Centre
50. SB: Shipping Bill
51. SPS: Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary Standards
52. SW: Single Window
53. SWIFT: Single Window Interface for Facilitating Trade
54. TFA: Trade Facilitation Agreement
55. TFI: Trade Facilitation Indicators
56. TOS: Terminal Operating System
57. TRS: Time Release Study
58. TSK: Turant Suvidha Kendras
59. UN/CEFACT: United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
60. WCO: World Customs Organisation
61. WPC: Wireless Planning and Co-ordination committee
62. WTO: World Trade Organization